Martyrs Brigade "Ishtar"
Lass - Heron

Artist: Lass
Song: “Heron”
Album: one last nail befoer sleep LP
Year: 2013


This is a devil’s world,
Mother once told me
While cleaning her Mauser gun.

Since I was a blue-eyed child
I wasn’t like you
I used to climb in the trees and refuse to come down

My father would scream at me,
Holding his belt like a whip
I would scream back
Daddy, eat my shit

People are rats of the World Tree
Life is a big word, all I see is black
First it’s dark and then it turns gold
Then I close my eyes to come back.

They cut the lights so we sat
With a candle lit, and shadows then
Walked around the room
Mother cocked the heavy burden
Two flashes then rolled about the floor
Like shells with phosphorous laughter and sulfurous breath

She went singing
There’s nothing there
And never will be
Life is a big word, all I see is black.

Lass - Judith

Artist: Lass
Song: “Judith”
Album: one last nail befoer sleep LP
Year: 2013


I met her in a picture gallery,
Where naked women masturbate beneath a plaid
She took me by my hand and we ran to the park
Finished two packs of Marlboroughs in an hour

We drove in her Taurus smoking opium
Through downtown where the trees
Are wrapped in electric lights
We sang American Pie and cried,
Choking our tears with course tongues,
And strong hands below the beltlines

And I ran, forgot where I lived,
Made my lay in the golden depth
Having drunk from my mother’s breast,
Every woman begs for incest.

She spread better then a loose rhyme I work with,
With time I’ve learned to turn a blind eye
On her heroin friends and cocaine acquaintances,
For when we were alone, she stood beside me
Looking up with her scotch breath
Like a wronged woman looks at her savior
She cried to my collarbone, telling me how in life
There is nothing but love and death

I only pictured her as my older sister, and that’s love
And every golden teardrop of it
Is already inside of me, and the rest is death.

New video by me & Coulét for our alternative/experimental project “Lass”. The song is called Judith.


Comatose vigil
Over me in the city of cripples
Beggars and whores

Impenetrable hope
On their empty hands, grime
And deep lines of destiny 

Hope sought after me
Over watching the city from rooftops
With bare eyes staring straight

Into an annular solar eclipse.
Deadly thirsts

Howled about me, in the air pierced
With arrows at my moles

Running the risk of ultimately

I didn’t beg, and also did not give
Sedated by the stream running away from hope

Running away from me.

Home of Eternity

Won’t you sit with me
And romance for a while
Tell me how you got here
Don’t be scared of the cemetery
Ravens crowing over my

Ran down iron gate on a single

Hinge- even in death some can afford a backyard
Others get a place on the shelf

But all are eternally equal
Home of Eternity, home

And a resting place. Sometimes
I walk to the obelisk. Sometimes

I lay as dead as fog on the hills there-
People don’t go there

Some say they’ve seen ghosts
And tiny drops of light in the rain.

15 Minutes of Freedom

I’d left you as you were
Making reports
Phone calls
Cleaning up the kitchen

Our chapped-lip goodby kiss
Still lingered on our cheeks and mouths and earlobes

As I entered a Tuesday world
And the mother-kid couples were bitching
About the discovery of the fact of an incomplete homework

And the promise of a hot day
Fogged up my ray bans with open- shirt cafes
Cigarettes, morning pints and occasional

Thrift-store gems and my heart sang
Albeit, for a different reason:
In this teenage sunlit dream paradise
I dreamed of losing my blooming freedoms

To you; to come back right in
To smother your upper lip and to
Bite your lower one and
Be happy in self-absorbed silence;
And take out the trash
And thoroughly wash the dishes.

Time and Space

I don’t trace
Where your eyes go
As long as they end up
In mine

Sometimes I look for
Your hand and get en elbow
In return

But all is fine, I know that everyone
Has got to have a space to breathe
And a place to call their own

Needs a night to feel alone, but all is fine
Sadness is a way to know true happiness

Loving truly doesn’t always equal being truly loved
But it’s ok to be the one forgiving

As long as you can get that feeling in return.


She gets dressed slowly
Puts her makeup on
Looking at her own
Through a small mirror in the bedroom
Smeared with candlelight.
On turquoise marble
Pulverizing blow
And cutting these beautiful
Lines to run thick by her sleeping heart.
She walks out onto the boulevard
And the lights smile at her
And the moon in feathers
Falls at the very tip of her footsteps.
Couples cling to each other, 
And the lonely ones she welcomes with a subtle nod
While taxis rush and cars slide down
Disappearing into the moonlit somewhere.

At All Times

Majestic is the night
Omnipotent, omniscient

Also tender and beautiful in the creases-

Night’s belly and the back of her knees.
The night looks at me with owl eyes.

We listen each other,
Then start dancing our own dance.

I close my eyes and the tree branches start to whisper;
I open them

And she stands there, swaying from side to side.
I can hear leaf falling,

Branch cracking underneath the night;
She’d become weightless

And the shadows lay pleasant 
At the corners of her yellow eyes.

I take a step toward her
And she stands there

Waiting for me to fly
Away but I’ve been to the skies;

I told her I cared for her
And I stayed.


The bay is covered by the soft fog
It’s a weightless night.
I held your arm
Half an hour ago,
I’m still warmed by your warmth.
Other eyes sink into me
Not a trace of winter fears left in me
I can greet them as a long-forgotten friend.
As the reminder of you dies
In my hand the memory of you- lives.